Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Surgery & Teeth Replacement

Enjoy the sensation of having a new tooth without having to wait months. Immediate implant placement has become a reality using the most advanced minimally invasive procedure to condense your bone quality. Our patients in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) no longer have to wait five to eight months for the dental implants to be stable enough to support a new dental crown, bridge, or complete set of new teeth. For most of the patients, same-day restoration is possible at office. We are always on the frontier of utilizing evidence-based technology with a proven track record and the most up-to-date equipment available in the Canada.

Teeth in an Hour


all on 4 dental implants

All-on-Four is a highly affordable solution for anyone wishing to replace their denture with a fixed arch of teeth. With All-on-Four, just four dental implants are required to secure a complete arch of lower teeth, while five to six dental implants are generally preferred to secure a full arch of upper teeth.

  • This treatment is highly technique dependent. Before the surgery, the implant placement must be meticulously planned. The key to designing a full arch of teeth is pre-planning using three-dimensional X-ray (CT SCAN), Digital teeth position, and Guided Implant Surgery.
  • The main advantage of having All-On-Four is that patients who have lost a lot of bone and would otherwise require extensive surgeries to rebuild their bone NO LONGER have to have those procedures. By angling the last implants, you can AVOID the SINUS in the upper Jaw and AVOID the NERVE in the lower Jaw.

Teeth in a Day

dental implants in one day

Teeth in a Day is a treatment that is sometimes called Smile in a Day and it is a technique to replace missing teeth or to stabilize loose dentures in just a single day. This treatment ensures you can leave our dental office with beautiful new teeth on the very same day.

  • Treatment is planned in advance using diagnostic imaging equipment and CT Scan.
  • No discomfort after treatment. No need to wear uncomfortable dentures while dental implants heal.
  • Most patients leave with new teeth secured to their implants by Cross-arch bridges.

Front Tooth Implant

Full Mouth Implants (All on 4 or 6)

Single Tooth Implant

Single tooth implants

A single tooth implant is an ideal choice for replacing a missing tooth. Treatment is very straightforward, and an appointment is typically relatively short. Even though only a single tooth is being replaced, Dr. Pasha must carry out the same extensive diagnostic tests.

  • Having adequate bone width and height is critical to ensure proper tooth size.
  • A temporary tooth can be placed ONLY at the time of surgery if the implant is secured tight and usually not for molar teeth.
  • Single implant is more cost-effective than choosing a bridge.
  • Implant surgery can be performed under local anesthetic and requires a small incision.

Multiple Teeth Implants

Why Choose Us?

Team of General Dentists and Specialists all together in one
convenient location

General Dentist / With Advanced Education in Implants Surgery

Dr. Pasha specializes in advanced procedures such as immediate full mouth restoration & bone regeneration

Experienced Prosthodontist

Dr. Romeo specializes in full mouth reconstruction by providing function & aesthetics to create a natural smile

Cat-Scan & Dental Laboratory

The combination of digital design meshed with CT Scan providing precise planning & same day restorations

Dental Anesthesiologist

No Pain, No Discomfort, No Fear. Overcome your dental anxiety with sedation by an expert anesthesiologist

Treatment Planning for Dental Implants

Digital workflows in implant treatment have improved diagnosis, case planning, and surgical execution, leading to more predictable implant outcomes. Successful implant planning reduces the likelihood of severe side effects and post-operative complications.

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